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Coders Lab in numbers


In a short time to your dream job - part-time or in a bootcamp!

A computer screen displays code that describes the structure of a webpage using HTML and the styling using CSS. HTML and CSS work together to create a visually appealing and functional website.

Web Design Basics - Intro to frontend programming


2 days or
4 half days


Enter the world of web design, build interesting websites, and give them an impressive touch!
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The image shows a hand that is slightly bent, holding a flower. Surrounding the hand are various icons representing the programming languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Python, and a logo for testing.

Programming Basics - Intro to software Development


Free Time


Get an overview of various programming languages and learn about software testing!
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The image shows a laptop with an application running, which interacts with a database. The application and the database work together to retrieve, store, and manage data. The laptop is open, displaying on the Screen a Python logo.

Python Developer - TÜV certified backend programming


11-week bootcamp
or part-time


Learn the secrets of server-side programming and code powerful web applications!
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Front-End-Developer, JavaScript Online Kurs, IT Ausbildung Österreich, coding Österreich Wien, JavaScript Bootcamp berufsbegleitend, e Learning, IT-Kurse online, Homeoffice

JavaScript React Developer - TÜV certified frontend programming


11-week boot camp
or part-time


Design brilliant websites, apps & applications with interactive, user-specific content!
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Back-End-Developer , Java Online Kurs, IT Ausbildung Österreich, Front-End-Developer, JavaScript Online Kurs, IT Ausbildung Wien, coding Österreich Wien, Java Bootcamp berufsbegleitend, e Learning, IT-Kurse online, Homeoffice

Java Developer - TÜV certified backend programming


12-week boot camp
or part-time


Program the logic of the system! If you clearly comprehend the concept and Synthax, you will learn other languages ​​more quickly. 
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Software-Tester , Manual & Automated, Software-Tester Online Kurs, IT Ausbildung Österreich,  Softaware-Tester berufsbegleitend Bootcamp Österreich Wien, coding online eLearning

Software Tester - TÜV certified education - (manual & automated)


3 weeks basics &
5 weeks for advanced


Irreplaceable in every programming team! You make sure programs deliver what they promise. 
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Final Projects


The classic game Tetris was developed here with pure JavaScript and styled with SCSS. The user-friendly interface impresses with its clever design and smooth animations. Immerse yourself in this entertaining gaming experience that shows how impressive web applications can be realized without external frameworks.

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This image puzzle is based on React and styled with SCSS. React provides a responsive experience, SCSS provides a modern, engaging aesthetic with smooth animations. Discover how this project demonstrates the fusion of React and SCSS for functional and visually appealing web applications.

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Another classic game. Invasion was developed with React for reactive dynamics and styled with SCSS for visuals. Experience the perfect fusion of functionality and design as you fight your way through an exciting invasion in this project.

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Online Mixing Console

The Online Mixing Console was created using Jquery, CSS and Pizzicato. It allows you to experiment with a variety of filters and create your own sound. The user-friendly interface, designed with CSS, provides a visually appealing experience, while Jquery increases interactivity.

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Personal portfolio

With this impressive portfolio, a talented developer has demonstrated his skills in Jquery and SCSS. Not only did it showcase impressive development skills, but it also tested different features to create an interactive and aesthetic user experience.

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What's new? Check back often - then you'll always be up to date on what's going on with us!

In cooperation with

TUEV Austria Courses Coding

TÜV Austria

Course program & Certification e-learning Courses GmbH

Course location & administration
U4 Center • Stg B • 2nd floor
Schoenbrunner Street 218-220
1120 Vienna


Choose your path!

We offer what you need!

Online- Unterricht, Bootcamp  innovative Konzept,  online lessons, coding Österreich

Bootcamp - the innovative concept

You start with Prework, immerse yourself in intensive online lessons with a few days of attendance & deepen your knowledge in structured self-study phases. Individual and group chats / video calls offer space for questions and solutions. Intermediate exams & project work ensure your success & increase your self-confidence.

Webseite, Codes schreiben, Ccodieren, lerne Codes schreiben | IT School Austria

Create websites & test programs

In the first few weeks you will create a website and applications. Create layouts, learn to write code, debug, find bugs and fix them. After a short time you will master the selected programming language or the tester tools!

Bücher, Stoff  für Online Kurs IT Ausbildung

We ensure effective learning

Learning can be fun in an environment of research and experimentation. Our trainers are specialists in their field. They enjoy sharing their specialised knowledge and finding solutions to tricky tasks together. Fulltime or part-time boot camp - Quality guaranteed!

Persönliches kompetenz - portfolio

Personal competence - portfolio

Your individual project work becomes the showcase for your application. You can show your skills right from the start and convince them! On request, up to 3 project works are possible for your portfolio.

Junior-Developer oder Junior Tester Internationale Zertifizierungen in  IT Ausbildung  Abschluss | IT course certefication

Your new job

As a junior developer or junior tester, you are able to compete in various industries in the current job market. International certifications are possible after successful completion.

Kombiniere Kursprogramme, sun, full stuck

Full Stack

Combine course programs, add projects, connect the old with the new, get job search assistance, and more.


What you should definitely bring to the table!

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sitzender, lächelnder Programmierer

Why choose Coders Lab?

Learn the latest professions in regards to Developing & Software-Testing in our boot camp!
>80% of graduates find a crisis-proof job shortly after completion!
Due to the digitization measures of the EU, training in the IT sector is being promoted.
New perspective in your own company through retraining of interested employees.

Seminar Room by the IP Center, Desks are standing in a semicircle with various pictures in the background

For companies

You require...
Junior Developers for Front- / Backend

HTML JavaScript  CSS-Logos W3C, IT Ausbildung Österreich

or certified software testers.
We have...

interested employees who are looking for new challenges?
Give us the mission of training your future digital experts!

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Reinforcement of our team

We are an expanding team and are therefore always looking for experts who want to pass on their know-how to newcomers.

Please send applications to


Direct contact:

Thank you for your interest in our training programs!


If you cannot reach us via our form, please contact us directly at



What is Coders Lab?

Coders Lab is an internationally expanding, quality-proven success model. Practice-oriented tasks, consolidation of the content through teamwork and constant feedback from the trainers enable impressive learning curves. The course programs are developed and evaluated in cooperation with leading IT companies. Graduates start their careers in a wide variety of industries & amp; companies. Coders Lab Austria exclusively combines the know-how of the Polish founders with the 25 years of experience of an Austrian educational group.


Founded in Poland


Represented in Austria, Serbia, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Kosovo, the Czech Republic and Poland (HQ)